Apr. 16th, 2012

quiet_tiger: (WTF?)
It's really bad when I'm posting something about Livejournal and can't decide whether to use my "Fail" icon or my "WTF" icon.

But seriously, WTF is up with the scissors? Was it that hard to distinguish a cut from a link from a whatever? It's easier to miss the cut now than it was before!

I feel like I should make a template for these posts--

Dear LJ,

Was it really so difficult to ________ that you really needed to implement _______ and thus reduce functionality and insult your previously loyal fanbase?

Feel free to use the template!

Definitely not renewing my paid journal. The stupid is just too much.

And yes, we'll all get used to the new cut notation. That's not the point. The point is why "fix" all this stuff that isn't broken? I found the site perfectly functional 8 years ago with no outside help except for the FAQ. How difficult can it possibly be?

And what was so wrong with the Writer's Block being on the home page? I liked that better than the ontd journals every day.

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