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quiet_tiger ([personal profile] quiet_tiger) wrote2012-11-03 01:11 pm

Popsicles and Writing (not necessarily together)

Did I know that "Popsicle" is a brand name and thus should be capitalized, like Frisbee, Xerox, or Kleenex?

I don't remember.

The things you learn when researching fic...

We have some orange creamsicles in the fridge, and I kinda want one now...

Also, because on Fridays usually the last thing I want is to spend time at a computer, I started writing fic by hand on paper last night. And learned that while my handwriting isn't necessarily that much worse than it was before (it's always been crap), it's very hard writing in cursive when you haven't done it in years. There are a lot of cross outs and "what was I trying to say here?" moments. Though I have those latter when I print, too. I tend to write the first half of a word or phrase and assume I'll remember what I was going for when I look at it a while later, but, yeah, it doens't always work like that.

Eh, popsicles and pens, maybe I'll have fic today or tomorrow. Not sure how many of you are in the fandom, but that's cool. Everyone's kind of diverged from my early LJ days of SV and DCU.

Stream of consciousness post, FWIW.

That's a gruesome mood image, AIR? Is that an Internet acronym, Am I Right? Whatever. I wonder which category the image is nested inside.

ETA: There are apparently Marvel Hero Pops, which actually look rather intimidating. Maybe 'cause Iron Man's looks like a torpedo painted like the German flag? I feel like Steve wouldn't allow them in the tower. Which of course would make Tony stockpile them, although I'm not sure how you can stockpile popsicles--Popsicles--without having freezers everywhere.

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Just on an aside: the black, red and gold flag is the one that represents modern day democratic Germany since 1949. The Nazis, who you seem to be referring to, had no gold in their flag, it was red, white and black.

[identity profile] quiet--tiger.livejournal.com 2012-11-04 07:49 pm (UTC)(link)
It was just a joke, but thanks. But why make black popsicles? Tony doesn't have black in his costume. Alternating red-yellow-red would have been fine.