quiet_tiger: (Baseball balls)
quiet_tiger ([personal profile] quiet_tiger) wrote2012-09-25 10:33 pm

All Upgraded Again

Gave in and upgraded to a paid account again. I'm not sure how long it was unpaid, but much longer and I'd have to reupload all of my userpics again when I did upgrade again. No, I don't really use my full arsenal of userpics, but I didn't want to change them all around and then have comments become irrelevant. Don't you find it frustrating when you see a comment talking about how cool a userpic is but it's obviously now just their default? Or have to constantly switch them in and out when I decided I wanted one. I am lazy.

I missed my baseball userpic so very much.

But other than the userpic thing the Plus account wasn't that different. I stopped noticing the ads after a while. Or if I noticed them I didn't care. When the ads are at the top and bottom of the screen I don't usually click on them by mistake when trying to scroll.

And now the Yankees are losing suddenly. Son of a bitch.

I've been thinking of going through my JtHM book again and finding more pics to use for different expressions for my mood theme. Some of them don't really quite fit, like this one for "cranky." Depends on how motivated I'm feeling, I guess. Been having a tough time with stuff lately, or have been busy.