May. 26th, 2012

quiet_tiger: (Squeezable)
I commented on Dann's Superman boxers and said I'd been reading Superman fic today (first time I've had time to read anything more than a drabble in months--I love 3-day weekends), and he joked, Superman and Iron Man? I told him no, and he knows I like my Supes flavored with some Bats, and that there's Batman/Iron Man fic. He said he bets there is indeed Iron Man/Superman fic.

So... is there? He's been talking about Avengers a lot and I've told him I've seen stories posted with various Avengers pairings, but I can't recall seeing Clark/Tony. Unless I just didn't realize that's who the pairing was.


Totally mostly off topic, but [ profile] batfic_contest is doing a pre-TDKR Nolanverse themed challenge, so if you want to participate, please go here to vote for the challenges you want to write.

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