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2012-11-04 10:03 pm

Fic: Operation: Captain Profanity

Title: Operation: Captain Profanity
Author: Quiet Tiger
Fandom: Avengers Movieverse
Pairing: Steve/Tony, implications of other Avengers pairings
Rating: NC-17/Explicit/Adult
Word Count: 4648
Disclaimer: Steve Rogers and Tony Stark belong to their creators. I'm making no money from this.

Summary: Tony is tired of Steve's polite vocabulary.

Operation: Captain Profanity )
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2012-11-03 01:11 pm

Popsicles and Writing (not necessarily together)

Did I know that "Popsicle" is a brand name and thus should be capitalized, like Frisbee, Xerox, or Kleenex?

I don't remember.

The things you learn when researching fic...

We have some orange creamsicles in the fridge, and I kinda want one now...

Also, because on Fridays usually the last thing I want is to spend time at a computer, I started writing fic by hand on paper last night. And learned that while my handwriting isn't necessarily that much worse than it was before (it's always been crap), it's very hard writing in cursive when you haven't done it in years. There are a lot of cross outs and "what was I trying to say here?" moments. Though I have those latter when I print, too. I tend to write the first half of a word or phrase and assume I'll remember what I was going for when I look at it a while later, but, yeah, it doens't always work like that.

Eh, popsicles and pens, maybe I'll have fic today or tomorrow. Not sure how many of you are in the fandom, but that's cool. Everyone's kind of diverged from my early LJ days of SV and DCU.

Stream of consciousness post, FWIW.

That's a gruesome mood image, AIR? Is that an Internet acronym, Am I Right? Whatever. I wonder which category the image is nested inside.

ETA: There are apparently Marvel Hero Pops, which actually look rather intimidating. Maybe 'cause Iron Man's looks like a torpedo painted like the German flag? I feel like Steve wouldn't allow them in the tower. Which of course would make Tony stockpile them, although I'm not sure how you can stockpile popsicles--Popsicles--without having freezers everywhere.
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2012-10-30 10:32 pm


In case anyone was wondering, I'm fine here. Sandy made everything wet and windy, and various power grids are out, but overall we're fine.

I hear back regarding a new job on Thursday, so please wish me luck!

Glad the big costume party this year wasn't rained/snowed out, but I hope the kids can trick-or-treat tomorrow. I've been looking forward to handing out candy. But if no kids come then I have a big bowl of Snickers and Kit Kat bars that Dann and I--better be mostly me--eat.

I love Halloween; I miss being able to walk around and get handed candy.

Still watching Emily Owens, Arrow, Vampire Diaries of course, and I've had Beauty and the Beast on but it's not terrinly engaging. I think I'd like it better without the beast and just focusing on the female detectives. Seeing Kristen isn't as annoying as I thought it would be, but hearing her voice in the Previously Ons has been irritating. She still makes me think of Lana, understandably.

Looking forward to seeing Flight when it comes out, and there are two movies Dann wants to see that I don't think I'm really in to but I want to be supportive.

Ooog. Tired. Two very stressful days thus far this week. Need to take some time off again.
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2012-10-10 11:15 pm

Raul Ibanez!!!!!!


Well, to quote Dann, "He's effing killing it."
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2012-10-10 09:15 pm


Who else watched Arrow?

some thoughts )

Anyone else have some thoughts?
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2012-10-07 10:26 pm

Bad lip Reading - Edward and Bella

Got introduced to this over the weekend...


Scenes from Twilight with the lines dubbed by what Edward and Bella could be saying. Seriously hilarious. Even moreso than the actual Twilight movie, which y'all know I think is hysterical.

You slapped a fish?

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2012-10-02 10:24 pm

Ficlet: Lies Will Keep Us Together

Title: Lies Will Keep Us Together
Author: Quiet Tiger
Universe: General
Genre: Drama-y romance-y? Depends on your point of view, I guess
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Harley, Joker, Harley/Joker
Word Count: 337
Warnings: Innuendo, but not a lot
Summary: Harley dresses up for Joker.

Note: For [livejournal.com profile] batfic_contest theme "Little White Lie."

Lies Will Keep Us Together )
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2012-10-02 10:22 pm

Ficlet: Rather Feel Pain Than Nothing At All

Title: Rather Feel Pain Than Nothing At All
Author: Quiet Tiger
Universe: General
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13/R for sexual innuendo
Characters/Pairings: Joker, Batman, one sided Joker/Batman
Word Count: 472
Warnings: none
Summary: Joker likes the reminders of his dates.

Note: For [livejournal.com profile] batfic_contest theme "Pain."

Rather Feel Pain Than Nothing At All )
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2012-09-25 10:33 pm

All Upgraded Again

Gave in and upgraded to a paid account again. I'm not sure how long it was unpaid, but much longer and I'd have to reupload all of my userpics again when I did upgrade again. No, I don't really use my full arsenal of userpics, but I didn't want to change them all around and then have comments become irrelevant. Don't you find it frustrating when you see a comment talking about how cool a userpic is but it's obviously now just their default? Or have to constantly switch them in and out when I decided I wanted one. I am lazy.

I missed my baseball userpic so very much.

But other than the userpic thing the Plus account wasn't that different. I stopped noticing the ads after a while. Or if I noticed them I didn't care. When the ads are at the top and bottom of the screen I don't usually click on them by mistake when trying to scroll.

And now the Yankees are losing suddenly. Son of a bitch.

I've been thinking of going through my JtHM book again and finding more pics to use for different expressions for my mood theme. Some of them don't really quite fit, like this one for "cranky." Depends on how motivated I'm feeling, I guess. Been having a tough time with stuff lately, or have been busy.
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2012-09-19 09:01 pm


From [livejournal.com profile] harroldsheep:

It's international book week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence as your status. Don't mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your post.

Philip saw this and went on the offense, attacking Damon with short, quick swings.

Been taking a break from e-books and fic to read real books. It's nice!
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2012-09-18 08:08 pm

Fun times with weepingcock

Thought some of you might find this political slash spork amusing... Apparently there's a site out there called "Hail to the Slash" for stories about our leaders. (I didn't click to see if it's only American politicians, or like the Queen or Prime Minister, too)

The GIFs in the comments are why I find it so amusing, not the entry itself.
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2012-09-17 06:59 pm

Whut? It's kinda in the name...

Met a guy the other night who said he hated the new Yankee Stadium because it's "just a big monument to the Yankees."

I was basically like, O_o "...And? It's their stadium." He continued to say that he liked the old stadium because it had character. Pretty sure it was also (relatively) a dump, as old stadiums tend to be. There's only so much TLC that can go into a building so heavily used 80+ times a year. I mean, jeez, I went to visit my alma mater a couple weeks ago and rather than redesign one of the old gyms that's falling apart they just renovated a whole new building for a new fitness center and left the old gym exactly as fall-out sheltery as it was when I was there.

I wish the guy hadn't been a Red Sox fan, so that I can determine if it's just normal rivalry hate or if he really is nutso. I would never dump on Fenway because it's "a monument to the Red Sox." I mean, I hope it is! All stadiums should celebrate the teams they house.

I really need my baseball icon back.
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2012-09-10 04:56 pm

Back Button!

I think I've posed this question before, but I was recently bombarded with examples again--

What really throws you out of a fic?

I was invested in a long fic so I didn't actually back button, though I contemplated it, when the sentence described the main character's eyes as being blue, when they are clearly brown in the movie. Brown and blue are usually difficult to confuse!

The story had a lot of other issues, but basic fact problems really are annoying.
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2012-08-30 10:23 pm

Five Fav Shows

Dude at work posed an interesting question--

What are the five best shows, to you?

I specifically asked if he meant of all time (like classics like M*A*S*H or I Love Lucy), or shows that I actually watch(ed) and enjoy, and he clarified shows to me.

It's actually harder than I thought it would be!

I immediately came up with:


I have the DVDs for Home Improvement, which I adore. I wanted to be a member of the Taylor family.

I was a faithful viewer of Nip/Tuck, through every ridiculous, cracked out moment of unreality, and have DVDs for the first 3 seasons.

But I'm also remembering I was a devoted Friends watcher, even though I don't have the DVDs, and still catch reruns sometimes (I'd watch more but I don't know when they're on anymore). A friend and I still just say things to each other like "It was five o'clock in the morning. You had rambled on for 18 pages. FRONT AND BACK!" and "1-2-3 Yemen Road, Yemen" and we joke about Rachel's trifle.

I also said Star Trek the Next Generation, though right now Star Trek AOS is more important to me.

And what about Malcolm in the Middle, which will never come to DVD? Or Grounded For Life? Dysfunctional families that were so much fun to watch, and I try to catch the Malcom reruns on IFC whenever I can.

But what about how The Vampire Diaries is the only show I have returning this year?

Another guy mentioned how dear and near to his heart Chuck was, and damn, that show had some amazing aspects.

Freakylinks was the direct cause of my lifelong crush on Ethan Embry. Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place the direct cause of my lifelong crush on Ryan Reynolds. Smallville (and subsequently fandom) essentially changed my life, and has me lusting after Justin Hartley. Seven Days was an amazing show that needs to come to DVD.

It's almost impossible for me to narrow down five favorite shows, because some of them fall into different categories.

But as far as "OMG it's such-and-such a night, no one interrupt me, ________ is on!!!!!!" it's definitely Buffy and House at the top of the list for me.

What about you guys? I know Supernatural and Doctor Who are on the list for a lot of you! Heck, Season 1 of Torchwood even stands alone. Because I can't get behind the other seasons.
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2012-08-29 09:09 pm

Cutiest Laughing Penguin!

Baby penguin tickled!


I have never wanted a penguin more in my life, and I really like penguins!
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2012-08-27 09:58 pm

RIP Neil Armstrong

I can't imagine the excitement that must have flooded everyone when Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins were traveling to and then landing on the moon. They were members of a small group of pioneers, making history and changing the world--and space--as everyone knew it.

So WTF is up with the lunatics--pun intended--who claim the moon landing never happened, and are now saying crazy things with Armstrong's death this past weekend?




Mr. Armstrong, thank you for your bravery.
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2012-08-26 12:46 am

50 Shades of Hilarious

Fun times tonight listening to a guy read excerts from 50 Shades of Grey while impersonating...

Gilbert Gottfried

Christopher Walken

Morgan Freeman

Christian Bale as Batman

And my favorite, TDKR's Bane.

OMFG. The best was alternating between the Batman and Bane voices...

If you don't have someone to read to you, find some excerpts and read them yourself. The funny almost counteracts the "WTF just happened in this sentence?" of it all.
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2012-08-23 10:45 pm

Ficlet: Tough Habit to Break

Title: Tough Habit to Break
Author: Quiet Tiger
Universe: Nolanverse
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG, with some innuendo
Characters/Pairings: Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle
Word Count: 451
Warnings: Coda for The Dark Knight Rises, taking place some time after the movie
Summary: Habits can be hard to break.

Note: For [livejournal.com profile] batfic_contest theme "Villains of the Dark Knight Rises."

Tough Habit to Break )
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2012-08-06 08:18 pm

Fic: Passing the Baton

Title: Passing the Baton
Author: Quiet Tiger
Universe: Nolanverse
Genre: Drama, Action
Rating: PG-13 for language and violence
Characters/Pairings: John Blake, Lucius Fox
Word Count: ~10,000
Warnings: So many spoilers for The Dark Knight Rises
Summary: After the events of The Dark Knight Rises, John Blake goes hunting.

For [livejournal.com profile] batfic_contest theme "A Knight Has Risen."

Passing the Baton )
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2012-08-01 08:10 pm

Super important question!

Dann and I were talking about comic books and comic book movies during dinner, and the following query arose:

When they reboot the Batman movie franchise, who'd make a better Joker, Daniel Day-Lewis or Tom Hiddleston?