Jul. 30th, 2012 10:09 pm
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It's interesting writing Nightwing fic with the Olympic men's gymnastics on in the background, and thinking, "I bet Dick can do most of this stuff and fight some bad guys while doing it." Give these guys some throwing stars and see how many targets they can hit while doing the flips.

It's been a while since I've watched gymnastics--what's the little leg flare hop things they're doing? Is that to maintain balance/momentum? It's kinda weird looking. Granted I don't remember men even doing the floor exercise, so it really has been a while.
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Here is an interesting article about the weight lifter Sarah Robles--the highest ranked American in weight lifting--and how she can't get endorsement deals to help supplement her income. Basically she lives on barely nothing because she isn't pretty enough to have companies sponsor her.

I'm not sure what's true and what isn't, or how unique her case is, but it just goes to show you that there are a lot of amazing people out there who will never get ahead because no one gives them a chance based on their looks.

So what if she isn't a medal contender? She's still the best America has in the sport. I think that should be worth something. Not everyone is Michelle Kwan or Apolo Anton Ohno.
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Title: If You Rebuild It, They Won't Come
Author: Quiet Tiger
Universe: Nolanverse
Genre: Gen, introspective
Rating: PG
Characters: Bruce Wayne
Word count: 625
Warnings: None
Summary: Bruce plots to rebuild Arkham, with some Gotham on the side.

Note: For [ profile] batfic_contest Nolanverse Theme #4, "Arkham Asylum."

If You Rebuild It, They Won't Come )
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Title: Chasing the Enigma
Author: Quiet Tiger
Universe: Nolanverse
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Jim Gordon, Edward Nygma
Word Count: 527
Warnings: None
Summary: Gotham faces a new super villain...

Note: For [ profile] batfic_contest theme "Look Who's In Town Now," introducing a DC character into the Nolanverse (who isn't expected to show up in TDKR).

Chasing the Enigma )
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Read a really interesting/informative article on Don McLean's "American Pie."

I'm too young to know most of the references he's making with the lyrics, but I can still appreciate the music and the obvious heart that went into it.

The article also gives a nod to Weird Al's "The Saga Begins," where he outlines the plot of The Phantom Menace (which helped me follow the movie the second time I watched it, because holy crap there's a lot of planet hopping but not too much plot), and demerits to a cover done by The Brady Bunch. Because, yeah, holy crap some things should just leave well enough--and far better--alone.

I hope everyone's holiday was good, if you had one. Dann has today and tomorrow off as well and he's bitching about not having anything to do, meanwhile I'm looking at hours and hours of overtime next week because of the mess that is my job (still no luck finding something less stressful--or at least less needlessly stressful--and with more meaning). Fireworks last night were okay, not spectacular, but we had an awesome viewpoint on the bank of the river, and there was a cool lightning show before, during, and after the fire works, and we could see two other displays further down the river, which was really neat.

Going out to see the boys tomorrow night, so I have that to look forward to (it really does help me get through the week, knowing I'll be taking in some music and partying, sans alcohol and all. I still rock out harder than most of the other fans even without the social lubricant).

Oog. It's hot out.
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Title: Lay Out
Author: Quiet Tiger
Universe: Nolanverse
Genre: Contemplative? Is that a genre?
Rating: PG
Characters: Batman
Word Count: 717
Warnings: None, story takes place soon after Batman Begins
Summary: Before the hard work, there's the even harder work.

Note: For the second Nolanverse Challenge at [ profile] batfic_contest, theme "The Narrows."

Lay Out )
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Title: Darkest Before the Dawn
Author: Quiet Tiger
Universe: Nolanverse
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Batman
Word Count: 294
Warnings: Spoilers for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight
Summary: Brief coda to The Dark Knight.

Note: For the first Nolanverse Challenge over at [ profile] batfic_contest, theme "Why Do We Fall?"

Darkest Before the Dawn )
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I forget if any of you said you were reading 50 Shades of Grey.

I was just wondering what your thoughts were if you've read it. The women on the radio show I listen to in the morning rave about it, and my "future mother-in-law" was talking about it with me a couple weeks ago (Dann wasn't in the room).

I heard it started out as a Twilight fanfic but the author changed the names.

I don't really have any plans to read it (unless I take it out of the library--there is plenty of free and probably better-written porn at my fingertips here on the ol' Internet), but I'm curious.


Speaking of porn, I saw a clip of Justin Hartley in something while at work the other day, and I talked about how sexy his arms are, and the guys I work with just didn't get it. Am I weird for thinking Justin's arms--even when not set off by a green armband--are crazy sexy? Arms and shoulders, amIright?
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Someone please explain to me how a flight from Pittsburgh to New York involves a layover in Atlanta.


I really, really need my WTF? icon back.

And they charge you extra to fly you there. It's not like you can leave the airport and sightsee!


Jun. 10th, 2012 02:03 pm
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Anyone else see Prometheus?

Anyone else think it was a huge boring mess?

Damn I need my FAIL icon back. I get more and more frustrated each time I do a post that I used to have a relevant icon for.
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Read an interesting article about how reading fiction may make you a better business person.

As an avid reader I do like to believe this is true. You have to envision worlds, and maybe like to guess where the story is going or "whodunit," and you learn so many words that you otherwise would never know (though if you're like a lot of people probably grow up mispronouncing them because you saw them in print long before you heard them spoken!).

I know there are plenty of people who prefer non-fiction, either because the topic is interesting or because they feel they learn more than if they read a novel. Whether this is true I don't know, but I will say I remember details of stories and novels more easily than I remember facts and anecdotes in non-fiction and text books unless it's a text I had to study a lot for a class.

Either way, fiction or non, PEOPLE NEED TO READ. You would not believe the non-words and lazy research I have to correct myself or hear about every day. I know I can't order my staff to go home and read *something*, but I sure wish I could. We had to put together a sheet of homynyms because people don't know the difference between throne and thrown, seer and sear, addition and edition, counselor and councilor. And of course the usual affect/effect, your/you're, hear/here. I'll even give them ice flow/floe. That's tricky. And you cannot tell me you've never read fic about someone in the "throws" of passion.

Everyone is guilty once in a while. Absolutely. I know I have stories posted with stupid crap wrong in them, you don't need to tell me.

But writing fic isn't our jobs. There are people out there in professional positions who clearly never read because they can't spell, and I'm sure we've all had a boss with no creativity, fun, or imagination. Or the person writing "creative" emails because they've never seen actual punctuation. Sometimes we can't tell if we're in a spy movie or an excited thirteen year old girl's Facebook status.

Put down the Risk Management book and pick up something with a plot. A hero and a villain. A person trying to overcome a conflict after some inciting incident. Immerse yourself fighting that dragon or flying that spaceship or dealing with that break up or solving that murder. It may help you fight that competition or make a good investment or handle that personnel conflict or solve that networking hurdle.

At the very least, I don't think it could hurt. It may even be a little fun.

I'm already going to the library later today to pick up a movie, maybe I'll look around.
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Title: Partnership
Author: Quiet Tiger
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Bruce/Clark
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Warnings: N/A, just some sexin'.
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: Characters belong to DC.
Word Count: 1333

Summary: Bruce and Clark have a nice give-and-take relationship. But sometimes the other partner taking is great too.


Partnership )
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I commented on Dann's Superman boxers and said I'd been reading Superman fic today (first time I've had time to read anything more than a drabble in months--I love 3-day weekends), and he joked, Superman and Iron Man? I told him no, and he knows I like my Supes flavored with some Bats, and that there's Batman/Iron Man fic. He said he bets there is indeed Iron Man/Superman fic.

So... is there? He's been talking about Avengers a lot and I've told him I've seen stories posted with various Avengers pairings, but I can't recall seeing Clark/Tony. Unless I just didn't realize that's who the pairing was.


Totally mostly off topic, but [ profile] batfic_contest is doing a pre-TDKR Nolanverse themed challenge, so if you want to participate, please go here to vote for the challenges you want to write.
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Did anyone else watch the series finale of House?

What did you think?

I was mildly disappointed, but I expected to be.

Anyone clicking, be aware of spoilers in the comments if anyone does comment.
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One show! That's all I have left!

I was already down to Monday on FOX (Terra Nova/Alcatraz then House), Ringer on Tuesdays, Psych on Wednesdays when it's on, and The Vampire Diaries.

Terra Nova and Alcatraz are cancelled (not that I'm surprised), House is ending (maybe for the best but I still look forward to the show all week), Ringer got cancelled (I'm so much more upset about this than I thought possible--I really liked this show in all its over-the-top-itude!), Psych is so terrible I don't always remember to watch it and it only airs in 7-episode chunks anyway, and then The Vampire Diaries that broke my heart the other night.

D: D: D:

Networks bitch about low reviews, but when everyone is so afraid to get attached to something only to have it ripped away, of course we're going to be wary of investing time in something new! You know what else had shitty raitings when it began? Seinfeld! And what's one of the number one American pop culture classics of all time? Seinfeld!

Dann said I should take up a hobby, and I grouchily told him that this *is* one of my hobbies.

I'm sad.

I can't live on House Hunters and Yankee games forever.

Is there anything else starting soon or in the fall you guys are going to check out? I'd say let me know if there's something I should get on DVD but I refuse to sign up for Netflix so I'm a little limited.


Also, just for clarification since this is one of my few icons right now even though I barely use it, my icon is a scan of the Joker from Hush Returns. He has his head down, and it's right after he got beaten which is why the caption is "Rejected." I thought it was fascinating how buff they drew him. And no, that's not a pun on how he's naked. I forget why he's naked.
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1. Let my paid account expire because I'm tired of all the bullshit around these parts. So far the differences I've notice are I see ads, and I only have access to 15 userpics, and I can't edit comments.

I guess we'll see how long those things annoy me and I fork over the $20. I just really like having my $20 where it is in the bank right now. I wish it had let me pick the 15 pics at least. Huh, considering I don't have the one I use all the friggin' time over at [ profile] batfic_contest. I must have deleted that one then reuploaded, because I know I've had that one for a long time. I have a whole 3 icons now not related to DC, four counting my lovely default [ profile] laceymcbain made for me. Guess we can tell my focus upon first joining!

ETA: It says it uses the pics most often used over the last two months, which doesn't explain why my Batman one, which I use each week, isn't available, and I haven't used my Brex or corsets or meat or squeezable icons in months but those are there. I think it's lying.

2. Coincidentally, yesterday was my LJ-iversary. Seven years I've been here. Doesn't feel like it! People have come and went, but I really appreciate those of you who are out there and keep each other company.

3. Season Finale of the The Vampire Diaries. Made me tear up, dammit. :( Can't even use my TVD icon anymore.

At least my mood theme still seems to be intact.
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I talk about this all the time with my friends, and Dann apologizes...

But Cracked actually has a good article--very funny--about the confusing facets of women's clothing.


Because, for serious, why the hell is it impossible to find clothes that fit? Why can I only buy jeans from one store? Why can no one ever buy a shirt for me that isn't a men's small t-shirt? My mom tries, but stuff sometimes winds up being too loose.

The pocket thing, OMG. If you're not gonna put real pockets, why put fake ones?

And the author gets a gold star for making fun of Liefeld! I haven't thought about him for years.
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Title: There's the Rub
Author: Quiet Tiger
Universe: General
Genre: Drama
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Joker, Anonymous Arkham Doctor
Word Count: 864
Warnings: Mentioned violence.
Summary: Joker chats with a doctor.

Note: For [ profile] batfic_contest theme "First Step."

There's the Rub )
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Title: Follow the Rules
Author: Quiet Tiger
Universe: General
Genre: Comedy
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Dick Grayson, Tim Drake
Word Count: 181
Warnings: None
Summary: Dick is reminded why one should always remember the rules.

Notes: For [ profile] batfic_contest theme "That Will Buff Out." Also, this is not slashy, but I never get to use this icon anymore.

Follow the Rules )

Apr. 17th, 2012 08:47 pm
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I checked an old email account that gets spam from a variety of places, and found two reviews of a story I posted to almost five years ago. It's the only story I have on there, and I guess I posted it because there's no fandom at all on LJ and wanted to share with more than the one person--love her though I do--that commented on it here.

It's actually one of my most commented upon stories, which isn't saying much when I consider ten comments to be ridiculously awesome.

So the moral of the story is, if you want some feedback, brave the viruses on because all of you post better stories than 98% of the people on there that aren't also on LJ. At least, in the fandoms I've explored on there. Actually there may be one exception to that but I'm not sure of the fic locations for that fandom on LJ. It's one that has a lot of niches spread out all over.

Watch out for flames, though--it's not exactly a slash-happy site.

Are there any gems you guys have found on that don't seem to be posted elsewhere? There was a really enjoyable Star Trek story where other Vulcans were scandalized by how often humans touched other people with their hands. At least I think that's what it was about.

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