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Who else watched Arrow?

Elephant in the room: Did they really use the exterior of Lex's mansion, or am I crazy? I kept expecting Lex or Victoria or Lana or Lionel to wander into the scene.

Overall the show had a very Smallville feel, what with the unncessary/excessive close up shots, hints of green everywhere, anonymous-looking city that is probably Vancouver, bald villain, long-haired brunette with an LL name, super obvious and obnoxious fake CGI (really? You couldn't get a camera crew together to shoot footage of an actual island? Oliver doesn't even have to be in the shot)...

But the guy playing Oliver was good. Hopefully he'll be good enough to carry the show because I don't give a crap thus far about anyone else on it. That's usually not a good sign for, well, anything. Shows usually require either from the get-go or the quick development of interesting secondary characters to carry things along. Like SV's Chloe, TVD's Caroline, Psych's Henry, Chuck's Morgan, Buffy's Willow, etc etc etc.

I find it interesting that Oliver is, shall we say, violent. I don't really know too much about Oliver in the comics other than stuck on an island = crazy bowhunting ability. But I really didn't expect him to kill people. He really is a dark character in this.

But a nice one to look at, for the shallow of us out there. I didn't get a good look at his arms, unfortunately.

I'd like a better look at his equipment, too, see what's really going on with his arrows and things. The longbow is kind of strange to see, after getting used to Justin Hartley's tech-heavy bows and Hawkeye's collapsible one. (that's right, I went there. Strayed from DC to the Avengers because of the awesome.)

But holy jeez, wear a mask under that hood! It doesn't have an invisible opaque screen!

I'll keep watching, but there needs to be some development of the other characters. We got introduced to like fifteen people, most of whom I don't think exist in the comics.

Anyone else have some thoughts?

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