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quiet_tiger ([personal profile] quiet_tiger) wrote2012-09-17 06:59 pm

Whut? It's kinda in the name...

Met a guy the other night who said he hated the new Yankee Stadium because it's "just a big monument to the Yankees."

I was basically like, O_o "...And? It's their stadium." He continued to say that he liked the old stadium because it had character. Pretty sure it was also (relatively) a dump, as old stadiums tend to be. There's only so much TLC that can go into a building so heavily used 80+ times a year. I mean, jeez, I went to visit my alma mater a couple weeks ago and rather than redesign one of the old gyms that's falling apart they just renovated a whole new building for a new fitness center and left the old gym exactly as fall-out sheltery as it was when I was there.

I wish the guy hadn't been a Red Sox fan, so that I can determine if it's just normal rivalry hate or if he really is nutso. I would never dump on Fenway because it's "a monument to the Red Sox." I mean, I hope it is! All stadiums should celebrate the teams they house.

I really need my baseball icon back.

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