Jul. 5th, 2012

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Read a really interesting/informative article on Don McLean's "American Pie."

I'm too young to know most of the references he's making with the lyrics, but I can still appreciate the music and the obvious heart that went into it.

The article also gives a nod to Weird Al's "The Saga Begins," where he outlines the plot of The Phantom Menace (which helped me follow the movie the second time I watched it, because holy crap there's a lot of planet hopping but not too much plot), and demerits to a cover done by The Brady Bunch. Because, yeah, holy crap some things should just leave well enough--and far better--alone.

I hope everyone's holiday was good, if you had one. Dann has today and tomorrow off as well and he's bitching about not having anything to do, meanwhile I'm looking at hours and hours of overtime next week because of the mess that is my job (still no luck finding something less stressful--or at least less needlessly stressful--and with more meaning). Fireworks last night were okay, not spectacular, but we had an awesome viewpoint on the bank of the river, and there was a cool lightning show before, during, and after the fire works, and we could see two other displays further down the river, which was really neat.

Going out to see the boys tomorrow night, so I have that to look forward to (it really does help me get through the week, knowing I'll be taking in some music and partying, sans alcohol and all. I still rock out harder than most of the other fans even without the social lubricant).

Oog. It's hot out.

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