May. 10th, 2012

quiet_tiger: (Rejected)
1. Let my paid account expire because I'm tired of all the bullshit around these parts. So far the differences I've notice are I see ads, and I only have access to 15 userpics, and I can't edit comments.

I guess we'll see how long those things annoy me and I fork over the $20. I just really like having my $20 where it is in the bank right now. I wish it had let me pick the 15 pics at least. Huh, considering I don't have the one I use all the friggin' time over at [ profile] batfic_contest. I must have deleted that one then reuploaded, because I know I've had that one for a long time. I have a whole 3 icons now not related to DC, four counting my lovely default [ profile] laceymcbain made for me. Guess we can tell my focus upon first joining!

ETA: It says it uses the pics most often used over the last two months, which doesn't explain why my Batman one, which I use each week, isn't available, and I haven't used my Brex or corsets or meat or squeezable icons in months but those are there. I think it's lying.

2. Coincidentally, yesterday was my LJ-iversary. Seven years I've been here. Doesn't feel like it! People have come and went, but I really appreciate those of you who are out there and keep each other company.

3. Season Finale of the The Vampire Diaries. Made me tear up, dammit. :( Can't even use my TVD icon anymore.

At least my mood theme still seems to be intact.

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