quiet_tiger: (Chains)
2012-04-17 08:47 pm


I checked an old email account that gets spam from a variety of places, and found two reviews of a story I posted to ff.net almost five years ago. It's the only story I have on there, and I guess I posted it because there's no fandom at all on LJ and wanted to share with more than the one person--love her though I do--that commented on it here.

It's actually one of my most commented upon stories, which isn't saying much when I consider ten comments to be ridiculously awesome.

So the moral of the story is, if you want some feedback, brave the viruses on ff.net because all of you post better stories than 98% of the people on there that aren't also on LJ. At least, in the fandoms I've explored on there. Actually there may be one exception to that but I'm not sure of the fic locations for that fandom on LJ. It's one that has a lot of niches spread out all over.

Watch out for flames, though--it's not exactly a slash-happy site.

Are there any gems you guys have found on ff.net that don't seem to be posted elsewhere? There was a really enjoyable Star Trek story where other Vulcans were scandalized by how often humans touched other people with their hands. At least I think that's what it was about.