Jan. 16th, 2012

quiet_tiger: (House)
Anyone else watch the premiere of Alcatraz?

I liked it; looking forward to more.

And I am so freaking happy House will be back next week; I've been going through, like, withdrawal or something. "Is House on this week? Is House on? Please let House be on. No? *mope*"

I'm glad Vampire Diaries is back though I'm still kind of apathetic because I'm confused. It's not all Lex-style lightswitching (or Clark's swings from being a doofus to suddenly having to know everything about everyone and not make mistakes and back again), but people are good then they're bad then they're good then they're bad, toss in some magical/psychic/whatever crystal/metal//necklace/tree branch/potion/whatever and it's like the worst parts of Smallville in a show with less sunlight. Though fewer fake sunsets, too. It's tiring.

I do love me some Damon/Alaric, though. I haven't read fic though I assume there is tons out there.

I'm liking Chuck but wishing it wasn't on Fridays. Worst. Timeslot. Ever.

And ooo, Ringer back in two weeks finally. I was enoying that a lot too.

Is that all my shows now? I guess yes because Terra Nova is over.

Oh, and I've been catching Last Man Standing here and there; it's nice to have Tim Allen back on TV for as long as it lasts.

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