May. 12th, 2012

quiet_tiger: (Rejected)
One show! That's all I have left!

I was already down to Monday on FOX (Terra Nova/Alcatraz then House), Ringer on Tuesdays, Psych on Wednesdays when it's on, and The Vampire Diaries.

Terra Nova and Alcatraz are cancelled (not that I'm surprised), House is ending (maybe for the best but I still look forward to the show all week), Ringer got cancelled (I'm so much more upset about this than I thought possible--I really liked this show in all its over-the-top-itude!), Psych is so terrible I don't always remember to watch it and it only airs in 7-episode chunks anyway, and then The Vampire Diaries that broke my heart the other night.

D: D: D:

Networks bitch about low reviews, but when everyone is so afraid to get attached to something only to have it ripped away, of course we're going to be wary of investing time in something new! You know what else had shitty raitings when it began? Seinfeld! And what's one of the number one American pop culture classics of all time? Seinfeld!

Dann said I should take up a hobby, and I grouchily told him that this *is* one of my hobbies.

I'm sad.

I can't live on House Hunters and Yankee games forever.

Is there anything else starting soon or in the fall you guys are going to check out? I'd say let me know if there's something I should get on DVD but I refuse to sign up for Netflix so I'm a little limited.


Also, just for clarification since this is one of my few icons right now even though I barely use it, my icon is a scan of the Joker from Hush Returns. He has his head down, and it's right after he got beaten which is why the caption is "Rejected." I thought it was fascinating how buff they drew him. And no, that's not a pun on how he's naked. I forget why he's naked.

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